What is the Real Use of Jdbc and LDAP Adapters

Hi All,

I got an Basic doubt in using the Adapters like Jdbc,LDAP.

Let’z go for the JdBC Adapter:

I am able to connect to Oracle and able to write services which connect to Oracle Database.For this i used the classes12.zip
(Copied under --> IS/lib\classes*.class files extracted from classes12.zip) and i used some of the builtin services like pub.db:exeSQL,pub.db:insert etc.

So i can do the transaction using the Drivers alone.Then what is the purpose of having the JDBC Adapter in this case.Can anyone explan to me on this.

Let’z go for the LDAP Adapter:

Also same goes for the LDAP connectivity , i can use the builtin Services instead of the LDAP Adaptter.

So can anyone clear picture of the usage of the Adapters.

Anitha Lakshmanan

Hi Anitha,

you don't have notifications for WmDB package services u r using. And Lot of differences are there. Refer 

for more.


Adapters provide pre-built functionality to shorten development time and hide some of the complexity of, lets say, building DB table notifications or handling transactions.

I<m not sure of what the LDAP package has to offer though.