wM8 - Move from embedded to external database for IS

Hi experts,

I have installed wM8 64-bit and it works fine or thereabouts at the moment. At installation, I initially chosen “Embedded database” for ESB & Integration Server so that I don’t have to worry about it at that time. I have now created an external database (SQL 2005) and I would like to move away from the embedded database. One way to do it is to reinstall the whole wM8 from scratch :uhoh: but I wonder if there is a way to point wM8 to the external database without the need of such drastic measure :confused:. I don’t even know what items of wM8 are using the database or why because in wM6.5 we did not need such database.

Any help will be much appreciated. :o:o

Install the DB components on your database server like ISCoreAudit, IS internal, ProcessAudit etc… (watever you required) and then create JDBC pool and associate it with fucntion alias… restart IS …that’s it … you are good to go after that!

Thanks for the reply. Very valuable!

I have done what you recommended and I got no errors. However, my confusion is with the log files. The logs are set to automatically go to a database but I don’t have any option under the logging section to point them to a different database . How would I know if they are using the external database as opposed to the embedded one? At the moment I have re-pointed them to the file system and I had to disable the “Document Logger” because I could not point it to the file system (grayed out).

Thanks for the valuable help.

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