wm8.2 built-in SOAP 1.1 client XML Parser

Hi guys,

I looking for any information regarding the wm8.2 built-in SOAP 1.1 client XML Parser parameters,
where I can locate the documentation or where I can find the config files in wm8.2 Integration Server.

I have tried searching on the following documentation: SP1_Administering_IS, 8.2_SPI1_webservice_developers_guide.

my wm8.2 IS is setup as follows
IS_1 hosts the webservice provider with service_a to retrieve a file from database_a
IS_2 webservice consumer calls the service_a in IS_1
but is encountering “document size limit of 4194304 bytes exceeded, aborting”.

 see exact error below:

document size limit of 4194304 bytes exceeded, aborting

<error_headers>HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Content-Type: text/xml
X-Backside-Transport: OK OK
Connection: close</error_headers>


further info gathered:

  1. able to retrieve file by manually triggering service_a in IS_1

  2. able to retrieve file by the IS_1 webservice provider WSDL using SOAP_UI

  3. HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error - as per wm8.2 documentation - - The pub.client:soapClient service sends the SOAP request successfully but receives a SOAP fault from the Web service provider.

  4. <error_code>0x00030003</error_code> - as per IBM datapower(?) - - The XML parser has user configurable limits on various characteristics of an XML document, to include document size, element nesting depth and the number of attributes on a single element. This error indicates that a document has exceeded one of those limits and has been rejected. If document rejection is the behavior you want, no action is required; if the document should not have been rejected, correct the problem by reconfiguring the limits to accept the rejected document.

  5. weird thing is the size limit has changed from 20971520 bytes to 10485760 bytes to 4194304 bytes over the course of 1 yr