wM version 8.0 is not generating WSDL with proper prefix.

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Your help is needed once again.

As we have a provider webService in both 8.0 and 8.2 environment. While comparing WSDL of this service of both environment, wM 8.0 is not generating WSDL with proper prefix. It is incorrectly putting namespace prefix at wrong places and resulting error.

Below are webService stack versions on both IS’s,.

IS Version WS Stack version Build Number 146 234

Please confirm if this is known issue and any fix is avaiable for that.


Can you provide more detail about the location of the wrong namespace and the error you are getting?

Hi Tong,

Thanks for your reply.
When we are comparing 8.0 and 8.2 WSDL via SOAP UI we are able to see incorrect prefix is coming in elements tags. like below

Please find attached document which contains all the related information.

I just want to know whether this is known issue and any fix is available for that.

WS_8.0_Prefix_Issue_Description[2].docx (267 KB)

Hi Kuldeep,

There is a lot change in terms of webservices from 8.0 to 8.2.2. Pasted from release notes of 8.2:

Enhanced Web Services Support

webMethods Integration Server now includes a new web services stack, which is common to multiple Software AG products. This enables a number of new web services features while retaining backward compatibility with previous releases.

· WS-Policy 1.2.

· WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1/1.2.

· WS-Addressing.

· SOAP over JMS.

· Streaming of MTOM attachments.

· In-Only and Robust-In-Only message exchange patterns.

· Import of password-protected WSDLs and referenced schemas.

I guess the change which you are noticing is due to change in WS-Addressing.



based on your documentation, seems the generated WSDL is not consistent with the definition in your service properties in 8.0 version.
Looks like a bug to me.
Pls open a ticket with SAG to see if they have a fix or not.

BTW, when you create WS interfaces, I’d suggest to separate your business document from the WS interface. Instead of embed the whole xml structure directly in the WS interface, you can just have a string type field like: troubleTicketString
This way you wont’ need to worry about the namespace of the business document in the WS context. You also have the freedom of updating the business document without changing WSDL.

Thanks Tong and Rankesh for your update.
We are following up with SAG team for this. Will keep you posted after receiving response from them.