wM Upgrade from 9.8 to 10.3

Hi everybody,

Could you please share me the “How-To” doc or any webinar to use Command Central CCE to upgrade from 9.8 to 10.3 for the below components.

Anyone who has already used CCE for their upgrade activity please share your ideas and experiences.

Integration Server
Broker (will remain as is, i.e. no migration to UM planned)
Task Engine

I am especially interested in this point:
sagcc exec administration product target_node_alias
integrationServer migration migrate
{srcDir|srcFile}=full_path_to_{old_Software AG_directory|ZIP file}
[importFile=full_path_to_migrate.dat ]
instanceName=name [newInstanceName=name ]
[cloneDbURL=URL cloneDbUser=user cloneDbPassword=password ]

As our new and old servers reside on different hardware how am I supposed to ZIP the old environment?
Do I have to stop the server, ZIP the entire IntegrationServer directory and copy it to the new server?
Is shutting down of old 9.8 IS mandatory as a prerequisite?
Let me know if you need any details.

start this by downloading 10-3_Upgrading_Software_AG_Products.pdf from SAG web site. follow it through.