webMethods upgrade from 9.8 to 10.1 using Command Central CCE

Hi Team,

Could you please share me the “How-To” doc or any webinar to use Command Central CCE to upgrade from 9.8 to 10.1 for the below components.

Anyone who has already used CCE for their upgrade activity please share your ideas and experiences.

Integration Server

Let me know if you need any details.


Hi Mahesh,

as you might have already noted there will be no migration neccessary for Broker itself as the last version is 9.6 for both wM Suites.
Except you plan a Broker-to-UM migration in this case.


Hi Holger,

Yes, we are not upgrading broker and we will configure the same on new instances of IS and MWS. Also there is no current plan to move it to UM and it is still under discussion.

could you please explain what is standard way of using broker with 10.3 installation?
We didnt see possibility to install broker to 10.3 webMethods installation.
So should there be an separate instalation with 9.X version of webMethods and only broker instance in it?
Or was broker renamed in 10.3 installation?

Hi Lada,

webMethods Broker has been deprecated for use with other webMethods products version 10.2 and higher.
Please find the link regarding how to work with broker and webM10.2 or higher.



Hi Lada,

please note that Broker 9.6 is the last version of Broker available.


As you know that Broker is reaching his End of Life (2020) and I would recommned use Universal Messaging for your integration needs.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for hints. I knew that 9.6. is the last version of broker, but I didn’t know that it is not supported from 10.2 or higher.

Broker 9.6 is supported on 10.x and latest 10.3 versions make sure you install the broker on a separate directory.