wm.tn.archive:extendedArchive for purging mulitple EDI document types

I am using wm.tn.archive:extendedArchive to purge x12 envelope, x12 group, & x12 4010 850. The documentation does not specify but I assume these should be done in order transaction, group, then envelope. My question is if they are done out of order can that cause the below? Or if they are all running at same time?

Archive_WorkTable has contents that were not cleaned up


You are supposed to use wm.tn:archive (service for any TN data archive/purge) activity and this way you will not have any issues with the ordering (Assuming you have created backend archive tables and proper docid indexing for the archive performance to run faster)


Thanks for the feedback I opted to use wm.tn.archive:extendedArchive because it gives the flexibility of specifying the document & receiver information. My target is to purge & not really archive since long data retention is not required. I will work with DBA on indexing.

OK make sense to your situation and yes please work with DBA and monitor the operation management side when the IS archive job runs.

Did you tested this on lower level environment first?


Yes, currently testing now in a test enviornment & I ran into the below which prompted my questions.

[1646]2014-05-27 11:48:07 CDT [TNS.0000.1013W] DELETE could not be completed because another DELETE operation was under way or Archive_WorkTable has contents that were not cleaned up. If there is no archive/deletion service running, cleanup the table to complete the operation

Please check this KB article resolution:



The Archive_WorkTable is a temporary work table that should be cleared up after every archive/delete.

We have confirmed that there was no archive/deletion service running.

After truncating the data in table Archive_WorkTable the customer was able to execute the service with success.