wM SMTP and POP on MS Exchange server

I am new to webMethods 6.5 and am trying to figure out how to accomplish the following: One of our trading partners will be submitting purchase orders via E-mail, the orders as XML attachments. The networking/configuration department in my company has set up POP on our Windows 2003 Exchange server, and will set up a common mailbox for the incoming orders.
Where do I even begin to find out what I need to do to have webMethods TN check the mailbox, retrieve the attachment and process? I have searched documentation, Advantage site, etc., and have found nothing very helpful…yet.
Any input, advice from folks already doing this would be very greatly appreciated! Thanks!



There are some threads discussed in this forum procedures on Email attachments/configuration etc…do a keyword search “Email attachments” you will get lot of results to browse.

For processing emails in IS you need to first configure Email listener port via the IS Administrator webpage see the Ports section.You can also use help in the Ports section page.It helps some of the email port configuration settings etc…

Also ISAdministrator userguide covers the email ports configuration.