WM SAP Adapter migration from 4.6 to 6.5

As per documentation of SAP Adapter installation, Automatic upgrade is possible. In case if the new server (which has SAP 6.5 adapter installed) already has some SAP components like Routing Notifications , RFC Adapter Services , will we be still able to do the automatic migration?

I like to understand whether the automatic migration appends the details to the configuration files or re-creates the configuration file.

Example Case: New 7.1 env has a project where some of the SAP components are already created in the new server and as part of new project if we want to migrate SAP componets from 4.6 to 6.5, will we be able to use the Automatic upgrade on the server?

Are those existing components were there in 4.6??..If they are new components not part of 46 then it should’nt be any issue…

But if i were you will not use automatic migration…as you will need to check lot of things if correctly migrated or not…in my previous project we recreated the assets(connections/listeners/notifications/outbound process services etc…) as per the SAPAdapter65 wants.