Interface flow is going to this wm.prt.dispatch:handelPublishedInput service and doing some operation/functionality. Could you please let me know what this services does? I am unable to find its functionallity in any of the SAG documentations or guides.


Hi Surya,

I think it is internal service and we don’t have a documentation for same.

May be others can add.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

wm.prt.dispatch:handelPublishedInput service is internal service, and should be used only be SAG. Any attempt of using it outside the scope intended is on your own risk. These internal services will not be provided with the official document of how to use them, and at the same time there are chances where some of them might even be deprecated in case SAG feels it’s no longer required in future release.

Hi Mike, Thank you.

we are currently at 9.8 version and soon we have planned for 10.3 upgrade. Please let me know if this service present and not deprecated in 10.3.

Currently this service is used to invoke BPMS models.

Thank you
Surya RK

Hi Surya,

As the implementer, it’s the responsibility to actively do analysis and research yourself.Usually those deprecated services will document under readme of the target version. You might also want to check from 9.8 to 10.3 document to see if any of those version deprecated the service.

Unfortunately I am not able to give you the direct answer, and you will have to do the homework yourself.

However the direction to take a look at this document for the respective component like BPMS or IS.

Documentation link:



as already stated here and in a parallel thread, the servie wm.prt.dispatch:handlePublishedInput is not intended for direct invocation.

It is part of the WmPRT package, which is used to run BPM models.

To start a Model instance you should subscribe to some document being published somewhere else and then subscriptionTrigger and transactionTrigger for this model will invoke the mentioned service to handle the published document within the scope and meaning of the corresponding model.