WM processing takes too long 45 minutes

Hey guys,

Do you know why webMethods processed this transaction too long for 45 minutes from 8:34 to 9:16?

2002-11-22 08:34:20 EST [B2BUNKW.TRANET.0822] Inserting doc 0a01f08ef70dbf4b00000900 into datastore [TRNSERV.000016.000073]
2002-11-22 08:34:20 EST [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1144] Done invoking Sample_FrmWrk.outbound:RTCoutboundAll (Service.doInvoke) [TRNSERV.000014.000031]
2002-11-22 09:16:25 EST [B2BUNKW.TRANET.0822] Inserting doc 0a01f08ef70dc1b400000c1a into datastore [TRNSERV.000016.000073]
2002-11-22 09:16:25 [B2BPCKG.0090.0003] The value of type name is SampleOrderAccept

Please help…


Try increasing the server thread count in server.config file for the WM server.
watt.server.threadPool= somehigher value
watt.server.threadPoolMin= somehigher value

This change will be helpful especially if the transaction rate is high in the system.

Another setting that improved performance for me was: