wM Metering not starting

Product/components webMethods Version 10.1

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I’m trying to get metering working in webMethods but can’t get the IS to start. The server log displays

License Metering initialization exception: com/softwareag/metering/agent/UsageMeasurement.

The mlog file is supposed to appear under the storage folder.

Running the metering diagnostic tool shows this.

=== Start diagnostic: Measurement log files ===
Success: false

Checking storage directory with path: ‘D:\SoftwareAG\common\metering\storage’
Validating measurement log files in storage directory: ‘D:\SoftwareAG\common\metering\storage’.
.mlog files not found in directory ‘D:\SoftwareAG\common\metering\storage’.
Checking measurement log files finished with success: ‘false’

=== End of diagnostic: Measurement log files ===

[com.s.m.a.d.v.MeasurementLogValidator] INFO Start validating measurement log files in directory: ‘D:\SoftwareAG\common\metering\storage’.
[com.s.m.a.d.v.MeasurementLogValidator] INFO ‘0’ measurement log files found for validating:

[com.s.m.a.d.v.MeasurementLogValidator] INFO End validating measurement log files with status false

In the Dry Run the mlog file is written to the lib folder.

=== Start diagnostic: Dry run ===
Success: true

Start dry run check with server url: ‘https://metering.softwareag.cloud/api/measurements’.
Using temporary diagnostic cache file with path: ‘D:\SoftwareAG\common\metering\lib\tempDiagnosticStorage\diagnosticCache.mlog’
Given license key has price unit: ‘ST’
Valid header for given license not found. Using constructed diagnostic header ‘{product=PIE, runtimeUId=1234Diagnostic, licenseSerialNumber=1234566789, client=1234567}’.
Dry run check finished with success: ‘true’
=== End of diagnostic: Dry run ===

Does anyone know why the metering won’t start?

Production instance

Using latest fixes available - IS Core Fix25

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I have one additional piece of information:

INFO | jvm 1 | java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/softwareag/metering/agent/UsageMeasurement
INFO | jvm 1 | at com.wm.app.b2b.server.util.metering.ServiceMetering.initUsage(ServiceMetering.java:30)
INFO | jvm 1 | at com.wm.app.b2b.server.Server.run(Server.java:500)
INFO | jvm 1 | Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.softwareag.metering.agent.UsageMeasurement

Perhaps there is a missing jar file.

Hi Colin,
they key part is “Given license key has price unit: ‘ST’”
Your license key is not set for metering. Did you get any new license keys for that from SAG?
What’s your patch level for the Metering agent?

Hi Holm,
The metering agent is 10.1 fix 5.
The license key is the latest one that we’ve provided and has the correct expiry date. The old price unit was Core based and is now transactional so I assume ‘ST’ refers to that.

Oh, this is old, you may consider an official support request for it, because the fixed you need to make metering run are one part, validate your license keys.
You can also try https://documentation.softwareag.com/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite10-7/Cross_Product/10-7_Software_AG_Infrastructure_Administrators_Guide.pdf

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