Wm integration error

Hi, I am really new to webMethods, but I am facing this problem that I cannot workaround.

Our architecture comprises of a SOAP requests being sent to the webMethods server which then passes it on to a SAP system and then the response flows all the way back to us. What we do is that we generate stubs (Java) files from the wsdl’s provided to us by the webMethods team by using apache AXIS API. These files then make the calls that go to the wm team and back to us.

This system was working fine till the time when the webMethods team to upgraded from v6.1 to v7.1.2. What started happening then is that for certain large transactions the transaction will time out leaving a strange Broken Pipe Exception. This works fine for smaller transactions but gives problems on larger ones. This issue is causing a lot of trouble and I am not sure of what to do as I am relatively new to the webMethods field.

Any help is appreciated and I would surely grant the points to the person kind enough to offer their help.

The environment comprises of:
Java Server: ATG 6.4.0, JDK version 1.4
webMethods server box: HP Itanium

Please let me know if any other information is needed.

We faced issues related to the WM upgrade from 6.1; the fix was several batches from webMethods support; and then they helped us understand why that happened.

if your services were working fine on the 6.1 I would guess the fix will be on the server. not much you can do from the client side.

hope this help.

well there are couple of webservices fix on 7.x environments, please check on which fix level you are running on… functioanlity in terms of webservices has been changed a lot in 7.x and later version from older one’s… so depending upon which type of webservices you have implemented may be u need to revisit the design as well. But as far timing out due to large files is concerned, check for the processing logic in webMethods and explore if you can use node iterator funcationality… its pretty handy to deal with large files in webMethods.


If small ones work correctly, this indicates there is no issue on the soap side. Maybe timeout values has changed.

How long does a large transaction take?