WM Developer Stopped Showing My Records

I’m using webMethods Developer v4.6 and have a folder that contains all of my records. The folder dozens of subfolders that should contain dozens of records that are used to hold my data. Recently I went to add a new record format and noticed that all but 1 of my records are gone.

When I use Explorer and look inside the NS folder, I still see what appears to be my records. However, as stated above, I don’t see this information in WM Developer. From explorer, I see (in indivdual folders) files like NODE.IDF and NODE.NDF.

The only thing I did that I can imagine might have caused this problem was to create a backup folder of my Package from the CMD window. From Developer, when I go into my backup folder, I can see all of my records. I moved this backup folder out of the Package folder and bounced WM, but I still couldn’t see my records from WM Developer.

Will someone please advice me on why WM Developer does not display the records that are defined in the NS folder? Does anyone have an ideas as to what is causing this problem?


Hi ,

Please check the ACL settings on the folders, you might not have the ACL setting to view the folders anymore.