wM Business Rules 9.9

To create Business Rules in Designer 9.9 and execute them on Integration Server 9.9, the way it is depicted in the below video on youtube, what components need to be installed other than IS?

I do not require BPMS flows. I just require wM Business Rules to be exported to IS and execute decision table as IS service.
Edit of Business Rules on MWS is not required at this point in time.

So far, I am able to install 9.9 IS, enable BR prespective, create Data Model and Decision Table and debug it.
However, when I want to export Rule to IS, Designer gives a below error.

The server version is outdated. Please upgrade the server to the current version.

What is missing on my 9.9 IS and how do I install it?

Hi Revathi,

you will need a license for the Rules Engine.

After that you will have to install the Business Rules Suppoprt to IS and MWS.
Remember to apply lates Fixes to IS, MWS and Rules engine.


Yes, I have the trial License for BR.

But when I download the BPMS trial version ans used image for install, I selected all components related to Business Rules.

It did not prompt me for the License of BR.

Also, when after I do this, my IS has not got WmBusinessRules package.

I wonder how to get the IS related component of WmBusinessRules without the Process Engine. Let me know your thoughts Holger.


Hi Revathi,

please check if you have a component named “Rules Engine” installed.

This definitely asks for a license file named Business_Rules.xml where xx stands for the wM version during installation.