wm.b2b.edi:convertToString segment Terminator issue

Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue while converting my EDI document into String output.
When I am not setting any value for Segment terminator in “convertToString” service then output string is coming like


but when i am using segment Terminator as ’ then output is like

There is no line feed when using Segment Terminator as '.
I need to have segment terminator in my output along with line feed.

Same issue is with addICEnvelopeEDIFACT , when i using record delimeter as line feed only then next segment is coming on next line else not.
Could you please help me out.


Segment terminators are single characters (normally). Use LF or something else but not both.

There is a common notion of placing CRLF or LF characters after the segment delimiter but this is not part of the standard. It is just a common convention.

I’m not aware of a way to have the built-in facilities of IS/TN add LF after the segment delimiter. Using only LF (the default delimiter) should be sufficient if you want each segment on its own line.

May be try this when you set the segment Terminator as ’ in the setValue box hit enter along with ’ + enter cursor and save it…if that works?

I beleive by default you wont see both custom record terminator and LF and some times you cannot accomplish both terminators to send in via TN.