Underlined Asterisk as segment terminator

Has anyone had to deal with an underlined asterisk segment terminator??? We have a trading partner using version X12 3020 docs with this as the segment terminator. Just curious how you specified this character in your services because I cannot find information on it anywhere… Thx in advance

Here’s a guess. The character may be showing up as an underlined asterisk on your system in your particular viewer. Find out what the actual Hex value is.


Segment delmiter can be any type (* or } or + or -),actually when we receive EDI documnent and doing invoke wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues,edi adapter will take care and gives output IData EDIvalues,So,i believe no need to specify delmiters parameter in that service,its straight forward.

And with the result of EDIValues next step will be the mapping, what ever the target is…



pls ignore my earlier post,I mis-understood your comment
for underlined asterisk segment delimiter (_) as (),since i tested for _* it didn’t worked out ,only working one is with (*)as a segment delimiter.

Let you know if i came up with any solution,

Does this mean anything to you guys:

Segment Separator _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ x’15’

I assume this is the Hex value?? A bit lost how I can translate this in webMethods.

RMG, I know how to specify the separator but I do not know how to specify an underlined asterisk in webMethods. This is the separator that Sears expects.

For inbound docs you don’t need to do anything explicit as RMG pointed out. It should just work.

For specifying the 0x15 as the segment delimiter for the EDI docs you generate, you need to do a little work. There is a Java service posted on wmusers.com (in the forums, not shareware) called toChar that will convert a string literal escape sequence to a character. http://www.wmusers.com/wmusers/messages/117/186.shtml
You can use this to create your segment delimiter.


Thanks fellas… Got that figured out now.


Did you resolved using the Rob’s (customized JavaService) or else
using your own methodology?If so can you share with us.


RMG i simply specified the unicode in the convertToString service and it is able to accept the unicode and convert it. Didnt try Rob’s service… The true test is when I send to the partner and they verify on their end.

Can you tell us whats the unicode format that you have specified in converToString in the (Delimiters-field parameter) for (_*).

Thanks for sharing,

I had forgotten that convertToString supports unicode escapes. From the doc:

You can specify the terminator or separator as a character (e.g., *) or as unit code [sic] (e.g., \u001c).

So specifying \u0015 would work in James’ case. I think it also supports other escape codes such as \r, \n, etc.

The fun part is that the enveloping services (wm.b2b.edi.util:addGroupEnvelope and wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope) do not support escaped strings as delimiters. At least they didn’t in v4.6. Thus the toChar utility was born.

Thanks Rob, for sharing your comments and i understand the unicode for (_*)delimiter expressed as \u0015.