i want to know that can envelope process use any other delimeter than *
since it is working only for *. i m using envelope process with the services like convert to values which takes input from ST i.e transaction set(i m using it for EDI 214) and my input is coming like ISA->GS->ST and my field delimiter is * so i Cant use * also as my record delimiter so is there any way to solve the problem so that i can take my input as a whole, not from ST.:cool:

Your delimiters should be unique in the edi document for example Record(~ or newline/carriagereturn etc…)/Field(*)/SubField( : ) .What is your partner trying to send you??


well hiii
my partner is sending me the edi 214 doc which contain the segments ISA GS and ST and i want to know that what should i be using for segment Delimiter i.e between ISA and GS and ST so that it can process all

If you partner is sendingg edi 214 then they should supposed to send you with all Delimiters right?? Is that not happening?? What are you trying to do??Are you trying to create your own documents for testing purpose??


Rmg …
Your guess is correct ! I’m trying to create my own documents for testing purpose. The partner hasn’t sent any EDI document , since they haven’t used EDI till now, but will be using it in near future ! … Actually, what is happenning is that i’ve to specify to the client , the format of EDI document to be sent …! … that’s why i’ve to work extra over the structure of the document … as i don’t have any samples available with me…( except few which i saw in examples 'n on the net ) …

  so.. i needed the guidance for delimiters... regarding queries posted earlier...

A Dev guy… !

You’ll want to create implementation guides for your partners to follow. Search the 'net for examples you can follow.

Use the default delimiters unless there is a specific reason not to.

The EDI modules within IS/TN can indeed use different delimiters. The ‘*’ is the default field delimiter. You can use any other character you wish. That said, if your partners are created EDI docs and sending them to you, they can use any delimiters they wish, though generally they will use the delimiters you ask them to use.

I would encourage you to get someone that has EDI experience to help out with this project. If you’re new to EDI and so is your partner, you can avoid many pitfalls by getting some help.