EDI convertToValues returns incorrect Record Delimiter

Hi All,

While trying to convert an edi string to IS document using the wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues, it returns a document delimiters as a part of the IS document that is the output. The EDI string has newline “\n” as the record delimiter however the convertToValues service returns record delimiter as “\n”. However, if run the schema wm.b2b.edi.EDIFFSchema:ICS4X12 using the same edu string , it returns the record delimiter as the new line character itself. I don’t seem to understand the inconsistent behavior and was wondering if there are any settings that are missing.
This happens only when new line is the record delimiter. If anyone has faced a similar situation, really would appreciate your time and help.


Basically you don’t have to set delimiters when parsing the convertToValues and why do you need to have \n explicitly?


I am not passing the delimiters explicitly. The EDI string which is the input in my case has new line character as the delimiter. And, when the convertToValues executes it returns the EDIValues as the output which contains delimiters document as the output and in that output i see that for the record delimiter instead of “\n” it returns “\n” as the value.

Note -This works fine on another server.

There could be some thing wrong with the EDI Module setup along with the fixes that might affect the services in the non working env…So can you please compare with the other working env and troubleshoot the root cause?

Also it can be possible the data format is messing up the delimiters when you submitting to the service?


what needs to be done in this case. Could you please provide the solution if you have