Extra Segment delimiters

I have an EDI service that maps an outbound EDI 4010 855 and submits to TN for public queue. When I submit the EDI doc to TN the EDIDocument value is coorect with the correct segment terminator. However when the public queue invokes the putToVan service the data arrives at the van with an extra segment delimiter. The file as sent to our VAN looks like the following:

ISA00 00 0100923319800T 016098604000T 0308081010U004010810101230T

I can’t seem to figure out where this extra character (Â) is being added. I have set the encoding to ISO-8859-1 in the public queue inputs section and have tried sending both ascii and binary. Does anyone have any ideas of other things I can try.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the segment delimiter that you’re using? Is it a char >127 decimal? My guess is that somewhere along the processing line, the encoding is UTF-8, which causes your >127 char to be encoded as two chars.

Hi Rob,

I am using the (µ) as the segment terminator. Also, am looking through the services and don’t see a UTF-8 yet. Will keep checking though.


UTF-8 is the default encoding. So if there is a stringToBytes or bytesToString call somewhere without an encoding specified, they use UTF-8.

Thanks Rob but I still can’t find anything out of the ordinary. I searched in all the services that are relevant for this and have set all encoding inputs. The getContentPartData in the putToVan service get the content from TN as “stream” do you think doing a streamToBytes and put it “binary” will help?

When you view the queued bizdoc in TN, what does the “Part” information indicate the Type is on the Content tab?