wM 9.10 fixed

Hi, during several month, I don’t use update manager and today I pass it in my dev server.
It works (except for Java 1.8 fix 16 :I don’t know why, it say me a process work on my folders but I see no Java process run about this folder and I have a specific folder for Update Manage to not have issue of update Maybe it will work after starting server).

But, and even if I have nothing fixes to put except Java 1.8 fix 16, I have somme pooling notification on IS which work.
And now after pasing my fixes I have the following error :

[ART.116.3020] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Unable to get list of notification types supported by node JDBCAdapter.
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Nom de colonne non valide : ‘LAST_UPDATED’.

It’s strange because I haven’t new jdbc adapter fix to pass.

Hi Vital,

the database issue is not related to the JDBC Adapter but instead with the internal database scripts used by IS (the Scheduler in this particular case). See IS Core Fix readme for details regarding day light saving or the LAST_UPDATED string.

You will have to run the DB-Configurator to migrate your database schemas (ISInternal function in this case) to latest schema version.

For the Java Fix:
The Java-Process which is blocking this one is the UpdateManager itself.
To avoid this you will need to install two UpdateManagers in different Folders on the same box, and then refer them to each others folder crosswise when applying Java Fixes.


Hello Holger,
Thanks for youyr reply,
Do you know how to pass the db-configurator to change database scheme ?

We can migrate DB using two ways:

  1. DCC GUI: Run /common/db/bin/dbConfiguratorUI.{sh/bat}, Select the Migrate action and the database component like ISInternal, version latest. Provide the database connection and click Execute.

  2. DCC command line: Run this command in /common/db/bin/:
    dbConfigurator.{bat|sh} -a migrate -d {oracle|sqlserver|db2luw} -c ISInternal -v latest -l db_server_URL -u -p

To Resolve fix installation issue follow the below steps:

If you are using Update Manager, Update Manager is located in a different directory (e.g. C:\SoftwareAGSUM) than the product directory (e.g. C:\SoftwareAG). Follow the steps below.

1 Shut down all running products in the product directory (e.g. “C:\SoftwareAG”).
2 Use the Update Manager (e.g. in “C:\SoftwareAGSUM”) to install Software AG Java Package Fix in the product directory (e.g. “C:\SoftwareAG”).

Thanks Ranjit,
That’s work !
When our integrator learn us how to upgrade our product, they didn’t explain that (or I don’t remember). They only explain how to use Update Manager (or it is the only things I remember).

For Java fix, I knew it. But it doesn’t work. I guess it is because it remains some java component in install dir folder which run even if I don’t see it in task manager. I restart the server and that works !