WM 6.5 upgradation issue

Hi all,
Last week we did system upgrade from 6.0.1 to 6.5. We are experiencing problem that we two INBOUND PROCESSING flow runs parallely, we are receiving “record not found” error. We are using ITERATION IN convertovalues. I am not sure whether anyone has got this error and what action to take. We even contacted webmethods support team but no results so far. Has anyone encountered this type of error. Does 6.5 supports iteration in converttovalues. Any help on this is highly appreciated.


We have been developing in webMethods 6.5 and have found several bugs. While I have not experienced that error, my suggestion would be to create the smallest simplest piece of flow that proves the error and send it to webMethods support.

Thanks Dave. We did and proved to webmethods. They are working on and they will proivde a patch to us soon.

thanks for your help

No worries. I wasted too much time trying to get something to work before realising it was a bug. Note to self - have more confidence in my skills and less in the product! Unfortunately 6.5 looks like it’s a bit shaky (like 6.0.1 was). We found 6.1.5 to be really good.

I’m sorry you found a defect, but my experience with IS 6.5 has been that the product is very stable. While the changes from 6.1 to 6.5 were relatively minor, the jump from 6.01 (a notoriously unstable release) are much larger and it would not surprise me at all if some changes to code were required.