wM 10.7 UM restart makes document types out of sync

We upgraded to wM 10.7 last month. We are now observing that after UM restart the document types are going out of sync and subscribtion is not happening. The triggers subscribing need to be diaabled and document synced 1 by 1 and enabled back to fix it which is a tedious process.

Is this an issue faced by everyone on wM 10.7. has SAG released a fix for this issue?

I’ll check if this is an issue, but you can sync multiple DocTypes at once, using Designer. See the options under File → Sync Document Types on Designer.


We tried that and also wrote a service to sync it programmatically. The subscription is not happening even after both these approaches.

I assume that you are you up to date with your IS and UM fixes.
I recommend creating a support ticket, because I see that this was fixed in older versions.


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