wM 10.7 installation issue in trial version


I found few issues while installing the trial version of webMethods 10.7 version:

E:\SoftwareAG107\IntegrationServer\instances\default10\config\fabric-agent.xml java.io.FileNotFoundException: E:\SoftwareAG107\IntegrationServer\instances\default10\config\fabric-agent.xml (The system cannot find the file specified)

12:31:49 warning APP_WARNING> FIP>>: Cannot install update(s). Finish installing your products, and then use Software AG Update Manager to install the update(s).

3.)Didn’t find WmOptimize package.

Can anyone please help me.

Hi Himanshu,

Can you provide the installer logs .Did you got any app error also?

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Hi Harsh,

Please find the installer logs attached.


Task Engine and Analytic Engine host are missing from MWS.

installer_logs.txt (247.2 KB)

Hi Hims,

I think that TaskEngine and Optimize are not (yet) part of the Trial version.
Therefore the WmOptimize package in IS and the TaskEngine as well as some parts in the MWS navigation related to optimize are missing obviously.

Can you provide some screen shots from the Installer for component selection panels so we can verify this?


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