Wiring and Link Issues

I am dealing with a couple of weird issues.
I have a custom task inbox and relevant search result portlet. I wanted to be able to filter the search results on a business data field automatically when the results are displayed based on a value that is provided before coming to custom inbox. So I added a preference in the inbox bar and supplied the perference value to the search field. Further in the initialize method I called doSearch(). So far so good. Everything works as expected.

  1. Now from the search results, if i click to open a task its details page is displayed as expected. However, if I return from details page back to the custom inbox (bu doing a redirect on the custom inbox alias) the preference value is lost and hence the results are not filtered. This happens specially if i go from details page to audit page and then return to inbox :confused:. This issue seems to be a generic wiring related issue.

  2. My custom inbox page has an alias. I open this inbox by using the custom alias. However, when I press Go button to search the URL changes to something like http://localhost:8585/meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000012283. Not only the URL changes for custom inbox all the links in my shell change so that now they have /meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder prefixed. Hence the links stop working.:confused:

Any ideas what is going on.