linking portlets

receiving portlet doesn’t seem to be decoding url. I have in the preferences the id to be extracted but upon trying to evaluate it being looked at it appears null. Here is the generated url passed:

And I even went to go so far as removing anything extra

And this didn’t work either - how do I debug on the destination portlet to find out why it isn’t picking up incoming paramenters(preferences)? Thanks

I think the wmp_tc id is wrong here. This is the original url.

try to use this url it will set the preference.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks & Regards!
Keval Vala

Thanks - I finally figured out the problem and it was that I wasn’t setting an alias at the page level and at the portlet level. Once I did that everything worked but I had to get a walk through from a WM product specialist to be able to figure it out. He says the walk through isn’t for public consumption yet because it has to be reviewed for privacy