Problem linking to a specific task

I have a custom inbox (portlet) with a table with links (basic navigation link) to tasks

the value of links is

navigation the task is correct, and return to custom inbox whit a navigation rule (faces-config) also correct
but if I want to enter a task again then the problem occurs…the navigation not performed

1-enter to inbox (from left portal menu)
the url is

2- go to task (basic navigation link)…for example taskID=13642
the url is

3-back to inbox, The URL is not the same as in point 1…change to

4-if I press on the link nothing happens.
The URL change to

but the view stays at INBOX

any idea for this?


PD: this is webmethods 9.8. I understand that this version should not I use

I have to do with navigation rules, this is correct?

HI Guido,

Have you tried setting ALIAS to your inbox, this way it will be very easy to navigate back to the INBOX.
And for task, you will be having a link to click on.