Windows 2000 Server to HP-UX platform migration

Hi all,

We are doing a webMethods IS migration of 6.01 to 6.5 and at the same time changing platforms from Windows-based to a UNIX based environment. I know there is a lot of documention available in undertaking the 6.01 to 6.5 migration, so I don’t anticipate any major problems there.

However, has anyone had any experience in migrating IS from Windows to UNIX? I’m a newbie to UNIX, so I’m still getting ramped up in this aspect. I’m wondering if anyone had any useful hints/advice on things to take into consideration in such a migration or potential conflicts that would need to be corrected to ensure compatibility on the new environment.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

In general, if you java services have been coded to avoid operating system file I/O (Windows path names, path separators, etc.) most will run on a *NIX platform unchanged.

Your IS 6.01 is probably running a 32-bit IBM JRE, so there could certainly be changes with switching to the 64-bit HP JRE. Make sure you talk with support and check Advantage to get any patches to HP/UX or the HP JRE that are needed. You will also want to get the ulimit settings that are recommended for Integration Server and Broker if it will also be installed there.