Natural/Adabas Migration from z/OS to HP UNIX


We are a shop which has Natural 2.xx and Adabas 6.xx on z/OS. We are planning for migration from z/OS to other platforms with minimal changes to the existing code and looking for an easy transition. We do have some cobol programs and very few VSAM files accessed. We are almost confirming on HP UNIX as the new platform.

I would like to hear from you, if you can suggest, which is the best end platform for migration from z/OS? We are looking at this migration to reduce the cost of maintaining this applications running on Mainframe.

Any thoughts on intricacies on migrating to HP UNIX would be great.


Hi Suresh,

in my post

i described some issues to watch for if you want to migrate from the IBM-world to the Unix-world.


my suggestion concerning the vsam-files is to migrate this files to adabas, because you have to migrate it anyway.

We used (only few) cobol-programs (all via call-statement from Natural) on the ibm-host and we decided to rewrite this in natural again.

From out point of view the decision for migration to Unix (and for HP-UX) was the absolute right decision. The ROI of the migration project was shorter than 12 Months.