Migrating from mainframes to Open Systems

Hi All,

We have a ADABAS / NATURAL code base (with CICS screens) talking to DB2 database. Also there are JCL programs running via ESP scheduler.
This complete solution is hosted on IBM’s z/OS (Mainframe).

Our requirement is to re-host this complete solution on UNIX boxes.

I would like to know - at a high level - what would be the steps involved? Also, what are the possible roadblocks that we could encounter during this re-hosting exercise.

I understand this is a quite a huge effort. So any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The effort is not that huge or complicated. The main consideration is converting all your mainframe JCL. You will come across a multitude of minor issues but none should stop the project. Most utilities you might be familiar with on the mainframe have equivalents or near equavilents available on other platforms.