Window authentication

We have requirement to send request to windows server by authenticating it.Can anyone please tell does webMethods support windows authentication?
If webMethods supports, please explain the procedure briefly


Do you mean NTLM authentication? Can you please elaborate your use case?

We need to send some request to other windows system using soap protocal. In this process, request should be sent to the application if only windows domain username is validated. Suppose I have one application in windows server. Request should reach to the application if server is authenticated only.

To achieve this I have used pub.client:http flow service and I have hardcoded user name and password in auth document of input parameters. but its not working for me. Can you please help me to get out of this issue

Is this a windows account or else directory account?

It is windows account srikanth…

Are you trying to consume ADFS services? I am still trying to understand your use case.