Why WmTomcat package

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This may be a very stupid question… but thought of clearing it off from my head…

Integration server has WmTomcat package to develop and support jsp servlet web applications… Considering the many open source sophisticated UI frameworks that we have currently including the webMethods provided CAF at hand, why would one go to develop web application in jsp servlets and think to deploy in Integration server?

I’m just wondering if this package is still relevent (other than for maintaining old web applications probably)… obviously I am missing some Important aspect of this package… could you please guide me?

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See if this link helps you http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/20573.page

I will post if I found more information on this and you do the same.


This is what the documentation says:


Yes, the information provided above is correct.


It’s not a stupid question. In fact, you have the right idea. I don’t personally consider this package relevant. I actually disable it on all of my installations.

As you have indicated, there are more sophisticated UI platforms available. Plus, hosting web applications inside the Integration Server would be very misguided.

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Yes I agree with Pierco and in most env’s WmTomcat usage is very less but ofcourse jsp/servlet usage can be utilized by built in tomcat/apache API’s


Thanks Guys for your inputs. Now I have got the clear understanding on this package :slight_smile:

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Good deal! :slight_smile:

Hi Percio and rmg,
I just would like to point out that the WmTomcat package can be very useful in cases where it is difficult to set up a separate Tomcat server due to IT policies.

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This is an old thread (3 years). But for anyone who stumbles over this please be aware:
wmTomcat is deprecated. If you want to use Tomcat inside(besdie IS, use the Tomcat running in AppPlatform. It’s running in the same osgi context as IS but not anymore inside a package. It offers integration with IS as well, imho even better structured.

Hi Martin,
thanks a lot for your advise! I even found a nice tutorial for getting started with Application Platform development.

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Thank you for the notes Sir!