IIs 6 versus Tomcat

Dear Forum,
My client is currently converting all the ACI client and server programs to RPC.
The questions that I have is, do we still need the Apache Tomcat services on the Windows Web server and why and if it is not needed what changes are required?


Sorry but I do not understand your issue. Could you please explain why ACI programs need Apache Tomcat or IIS ?

Hi Rolf,
The issue is we are converting from ACI to RPC. The real questions is does II’s 6 not have all the functionality for RPC, or is it only Apache Tomcat Server that has all the functionality?

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Hi Hennie,

RPC does not require Apache Tomcat at all.

Tomcat is only required when you want to call an RPC Server application using web services via HTTP.

Tomcat is usually only installed in IIS if support for J2EE, JSP or other Java-based technology is needed with the IIS server. If you are using ASP/ASPX, you don’t need Java (nor Tomcat). As Rolf indicates, if you want to use the EntireX XML services, you need Tomcat, since the EntireX web services stack is J2EE based.

ACI and RPC can be called by VB (ASP), .Net (ASPX) in IIS without Tomcat being involved.

Thanks Douglas,
I hope you are doing well I haven’t seen you for quite a while.

Hennie Cloete