Why webMethods over Java


We can acheive integration through java also.Then why we need to go for Integration tools like WebMethods.
What are the advantages using webMethods than other integration tools.

Thanks in Advance

What are the reasons you deem that using Java would be easier than using webMethods? Please share with us.

What kind of integration you’re considering?

(providing these information would help us to focus the answers more appropriately)


Thanks for ur quick response.Here i am not saying integration is easy when using java.

Just i want to know the advantages or disadvantages when using Integration tools over java.

This isn’t a perfect analogy but perhaps this helps with understanding the difference in part: Why use Java instead of assembler?

Well I get this a lot, why use webMethods platform instead of “insert your language of choice here”. Developers are a funny bunch and this question usually just leads to a bunch religious standoffs. The truth is you can do “integration” with just about any tool set or language. The real question is what delivers the most value to your business because that is really what is all about in the end.

The reality is your business wants you to deliver high value with the least amount of effort that is humanly possible. They really aren’t interested in how well versed you are in Java, .Net, webMethods Flow or anything else. At the end of the day generally speaking, an experienced webMethods developer is going to be able to produce more value with less effort than experienced Java developer or .Net. It’ s difficult to argue with the reality that platforms like webMethods handle a lot of the underlying plumbing that would have to be coded without such a platform.

At the end of the day for me it’s important to remember that while developers like to code, the business generally does see a lot of value in that. It’s just more labor expense regardless how elegant the solution might be. There are of course exceptions to this depending on what type of business you are in but I think it holds water for most.

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