Why use Servlet Spec 2.0 ? Any plans for Tomcat ?

I saw that the current supported platform (Apache w/ Servlet engine) is running on JSDK2.0 (Apache JServ 1.1).
Any plans to support Tomcat (Servlet spec 2.2) ?
JServ is an outdated (yet still works) specification and is only on maintenance mode.
Tomcat will yield better performance for multiple HTTP requests.

On a side note, Apache 1.3.12 has some security issues - 1.3.20 is recommended. Has anyone tried this yet ?

Will probably get hold of a demo CD soon.


Hi William,

To use the Java API for Tamino, you have a choice
of 3 web servers - Apache (1.3.20 works fine), IIS or IPlanet.

You don’t need a Servlet Engine at all.

If you wish to use the API from within a servlet, then any servlet engine will work fine.

Hope this helps,

I’m using Tomcat 3.2.1 as well. No problems (Why should be?;))))