apache 2.0.39

Has anybody had any problems starting this version of apache with tamino? Is it ok to use this version? Or should we use an earlier version?

Maybe it is better to use Apache 2.0.42 or newer. Especially Apache version 2.0.43 has been tested to comply with Tamino 4.1.4. This is also stated in the 4.1.4 installation docu. You should also to 4.1.4 as soon as it is available.

Yes, I had also problems with apache2.0.xx
tamino will not run correct with this apache version. you have to install apache 3.3.27
have a lot of fun

I strongly recommend to use the Apache 2 version(s) as advertised(recommended) by apache.org. Raimund is right, you should use Apache 2.0.42 or newer. Because of the security fixes made by apache.org for the newer versions, I personally use and recommend Apache 2.0.45. Note that since 2.0.42 the internal API of Apache did not change any more, so the webserver module for 2.0.43 from the download area is still the actual one.

All the best