Does it support Tomcat 4.0

As title? That means does it support the latest jsp and servlet APIs?

Thanks a lot!


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I tested X-Application with Tomcat 4 a few weeks
ago and it worked. Here’s the respective post
to the community:

In general, X-Application uses Jsp 1.1/Servlet 2.2, but the new standarts in Tomcat 4 (Jsp 1.2/Servlet 2.3) are compatible.


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Hi taminoes,

Does Tamino X-Application can be embedded in a Jakarta’s Turbine application? In my humble opinion, they have all requisites to run together and it would be a good development tool to extend X-Application functionality.

Turbine 2.1 pre-requisites are:
- Tomcat 4.0
- Ant 1.4.1
- JDK 1.3

Further information about Turbine can be found at

Regards, Ito

Hello Ito,
we don´t have practical experience with Turbine (yet).
Turbine has a (short) chapter about how to integrate JSP. There is nothing said about restrictions. X-Application needs access to the session and request object. The output is HTML code.

The best way to find it out is a try.
Are you going to study that subject closer?
Please share your experiences with the community.

Regards, Harald

Hi Mr. Wolf,

I am developing a little project using Turbine, Ant, Tomcat and MySQL on my spare time. They are good products, but it does not smell good when converting xml tables to relational ones. So, I thought about Tamino.
I can not guarantee a 24 hr survey, but if I found out that both applications (X-Application and Turbine) work together I will share with you.

Regards, Ito


We cannot recommend Tomcat 4.0 to use it with X-Application 4.1.1, because Tomcat 4.0 internally uses an older version of the XML parser ‘Xerces’ as required by X-Application.

Instead of Tomcat 4.0, we recommend the Tomcat 4.1.18. This version we used when tested X-Application and is the current Tomcat version to implement the JSP standard 1.2.