Why does no one write a book...?

… on webMethods. I ( er… my company) would eagerly pay for a copy.

I’m fairly new to webMethods and I come from both Java and .NET worlds. If you need any information there, you just try to “google it” or you buy a book(s). There you get practical information, best practices and examples (walk-through if you will). When you try to get any information about webMethods you always end up in Advantage with very basic information or you get a million links about “Web Methods”.

This forum is the only place with practical information. If you know about a book about webMethods flow- and java services then please post information about it.

O. Gislason.


Basically webMethods IS is not a free based like Java,.net etc…and you cant find any docs from Google search either.

So if you are Customer or partner or certified webMethods developer you can always request access for an Advantage account.

Or if you installed webMethods IS server,tools on your local or network please see
c:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\docs or Developer\docs folder for standard documentation pdf’s are saved here for you.

You will have tons of webMethods IS product libraries one stop shop.

Sorry for this.


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Some of us have considered writing a book. However, it costs money, both in time spent not generating fees and cost to publish. The demand for a book for a niche product like webMethods may not be strong enough to justify the expense.

That said, I do think there is a strong need for an entry-level book on Integration Server and Broker.


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Hi Rmg.

Thank you for this but there are lots of books on Oracle for example and it is by no means free. I have an Advantage account and we have bought webMethods through a partner with excellent service and that is not the problem.

I think that it would be great value to benefit from the experience of seasoned developers/integrators and have a practical guide and/or reference handy when you need it or to study when you have time to spare.

O. Gislason.

Hi O,

I agree with you. This site has been great with advice given, but a book to read when time allows would be great.

The documentation on Advantage is great but there is tons of it and as a beginner in this field with only limited webMethods development I am unsure of where to start.

If anyone could provide a “start with this one and then do these guide” that would be brilliant!!

Sheila W :yawn:

Maybe an eBook, Sheila!

Yes agreed.

yeah this is a great idea …so who is starting to write a book ,may be a couple of 100 pages book ,with the exact information for a bigginer ,like webMethods for dummies or something like that…

The question is, why would anyone read a book or eBook when there is so much webMethods documentation that is not read despite being easily accessible on Advantage?

A related question is, why would someone purchase a book/eBook when they could get the information they need from the documentation and some self-designed tutorials?

Writing a book is a very large project and genenerally does not produce any profit with a product whose customer base is small relative to products like Oracle or Microsoft Visual Whatever 6.0.


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why to write a book?
i feel writing a book helps in following ways.

  1. a bigginer can get started with simple explaination of the whole concept of webMethods and SOA.
  2. It can be a base for the people to go ahead and read more technical and strong concepts from advantage.
  3. many software people know about SAP , ORACLE , SQL or .net becouse they get books and unlimited stuff by just searching on the net.As rmg specified u cant find any information about webMethods over the net.
  4. if we see the number of users here who start of asking the question like" i am new to webMethods " ,they can get basic information from a book.
  5. and if webMethods can sponcer the book ,then it would be marketing for webMethods in a small way .but i guess someone can get their name on the webMethods world.
    i can just think of these uses.

There’s lots of reasons why someone would want a book to be available. I’m really talking about why would someone take the time to write one. It’s a money losing proposition and webMethods has demonstrated that they are fairly uninterested in meeting the needs of the developer community.

Hi Mark,
I agree that it would not make much sense for someone to spend a whole lot of time and write a book when all the material is available in some form or another. But how about putting up a document (a couple of pages) which directs someone (especially beginners) to the right document at the right location, rather than just saying everything is available on the advantage site.

Just a thought, may be this kind of document already exists in some form.


It exists. Click on Developer’s Help->User Documentation menu option.


Several people have suggested that I write a book about webMethods, so I decided to give it a try with an eBook. I slapped some information together (about 40 pages). I did it just for kicks, with tongue in cheek, but it is hard work. Now that I have a first draft I don’t know what to do with it. I am thinking about posting it on Advantage. But I don’t want to invite a lot of critical comments.

The booklet is free, and worth every penny. I might be helpful to beginners.

I think what I need is peer review by a few helpful souls.

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You can also upload your eBook shared document in Knowledge Center/webMethods Ezine Archives section of this forum.If it is OK?? Thanks for your great help for users…


Richard’s webMethods product overview and tutorial is available online in the whitepapers section.



This is really an outstanding effort by Mr. Ladson. It is a great introduction to webMethods and wery much to the point.

Thank you for this.


How about everyone suggesting specific chapter/sections of this book. Maybe if the task is broken down into sections many people could submit text to the “wMUsers Book Wiki” ;-). If submitters got references to the wMUsers account they could get the PR from being knowledgable and sharing that knowledge without the commitment of months not making money on other tasks.

Interesting idea. We can host the Wiki here if authors and editors are willing to spend the time to contribute.

Not everyone who likes the idea of writing a book… can write.

Not everyone who likes the idea of writing about webMethods products… understands them well enough to attempt to teach others.


I’ve been surprised by the lack of a third-party book on wM myself. I am just starting to look at wM for an upcoming project and wanted to get an idea about what I’ve committed to do. A wM developer pointed me to this group and it looks promising. When I have more specific questions that I can’t find answers to I’ll be asking!