Who does ADABAS-Accounting using REVIEW

Who of you is using REVIEW to collect ADABAS-based data for accounting purposes? Especially we’d like to know if sby of you also uses the field CMDRESP (CPU consumption on Cmd-level); can this value be trusted?
It’s also an assumption, comprises the time the cmd takes for execution BUT without delay for IOs, that is it depends on many circumstances (out of many A1 e.g. the cheapest in this nucleus session is taken as avalue for all A1 irrespective of how much CPU they’a actually taken); Hence ADABAS-cmds are not really measured (would be too expensive, too CPU-consuming to measure (STCK) each cmd).
If not REVIEW, what are you using?;
We’ve been using APAS (from CA) to get accounting data out of ADABAS, there CPU is based on outdated formulas provided by ADABAS (stemming from Version 4 !). we use them together in a formula with Service Units of the HW-vendor (IBM) and the IOs caused by a a user or a job.
Can I have hints ?
If you need more information pls tell.

Thanks for your time!