Which TN bizdoctype need to be configured??? RN PIPs


Any documentation available to find which TN bizdoctype I need to used for configuring the PIPs because I could not find proper information in the RN Specifications also.

For example 4A5 has 2 TN bizdoctype, which one I need to use if I do Inbound Mapping.

Similarly for 3A4 u have 4 TN bizdoctype, which one to use???

Is there in any documentation explains which TN Bizdoctype needs to be used exactly for Outbound Mapping and Inbound Mapping.

I require for 3A4, 4A4, 4A5, 4C1, 4B2 and 4B3


Hi Sathish,

The rational on which bizdoc to use to trigger a Process model is very simple.

If you are on the Pip Initiating side (e.g: Buyer), you have to trigger the Pip using the Doctype that has the word “Internal” in the bizdoctype name.

If you are on the Pip Fulfilling side (e.g: Seller), you start the process using the bizdoc type that has the same name as the incoming Pip document.

Also, you can create your own bizdoctype to start the Pip. For example, You can create a doctype called “Satishs Generic Bizdoctype” with a root tag “MyOrder” and use it to trigger a Initiator side (e.g: buyer) process model. You cannot do this for the Fulfiller side (e.g: Seller) because the bizdoc that comes with the Pip should be used.

Does this help?