Simulate inbound PIP 3A4 model

I am trying to simulate PIP 3A4 model using routeXml/receive step ,but facing a problem as document gets ignored at TN and no conversation id is created .

I don’t have a processing rule set up and I don’t think it is required as we don’t use it for existing models .

The problem that I notice every time I submit xml ,the doc that reaches TN is

PIP3A4vV02.02 Purchase Order Request Action Buyer Internal Document

the doc that hits prod from partner is and TPA is based on Seller Document
PIP3A4vV02.02 Purchase Order Request Action Seller Document

In this case , I think if I can send Seller Document instead of Buyer Internal Document, I thing doc will get processed from TN tp PRT .

How can I submit Seller doc instead of Buyer to simulate process correctly ??

Any suggestions .

the initiating step in your process model should be triggered by this TN doc type. So the process model will control the processing of the document, not TN rules.
(you still see the document on TN, but it’s not handled by rules).
Do you have TPA created for this doc type? better create it with UNKNOWN sender/receiver, so it will work for any sender/receiver.