Which OS parameter limits XML work threads?


I am not able to increase the XML work threads parameter for one Tamino database. What happens is the following: since XML work threads is not a dynamic property, database needs a restart after modifying its original value but the restart fails with the following error message:

1. Insufficient system resources to create thread: error returned by thread create function

2. Internal error: location xthini.cpp SMP_THRCREATE. Server stopped.

So before I can change the XWT, I need to change some other parameter in my OS. Does anyone know which one is that parameter.

My OS: Redhat Advanced Server 2.1
Tamino Version:

By the way, what is the optimal value for XWT on a very bulky database with high query loads involving several join operations (but few users)?

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Hello Gopal,

I never heard from this error before.
Could you please contact your Software AG Customer Support Center for further assistance.

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the maximum number of threads can be found in
/proc/sys/kernel/threads-max and can be changed there or in

Parameters such as stacksize and max user processes can be changed via ulimit. That would have to be done in the start scripts for the System Management Hub demons

For more information see

man bash