Which file contains the JDBC Adapter Connection and Pooling notification information?

Before I started taking care of WM 6.1 servers, someone messed up with the staging environment, which I was unaware of. Now SAP team is doing some test on WM. Out of three nodes only one has the correct Connections and pooling Notification information. There is no one in the organization that can give me the information about the database that I can setup the new connection. So I am thinking of copying the the file which contains the Connection n pooling Notification information to the remaining two nodes. Can someone help me with the correct file name that holds the information about Connection and Pooling notification?
Thank You.

try looking in IntegrationServer\packages\WmRoot\config .if not in WmRoot it might be in the config folder of someother pacakge where it was stored while creating the Adapter.

For JDBC adapter connection info, you can deploy the package that holds connection information from working to non working nodes…