Where to find the webmethods product version?

I need to find the version of MWS, UM and Optimize through command line. Or can it be retrieved from any file?

Log files are an easy option -

MWS - /rootFolder/softwareag/MWS/server/default/logs/_full.log

UM - /rootFolder/softwareag/UniversalMessaging/server/umserver/bin/UMRealmService.log

I don’t have an Optimize setup, but log files are probably a good source there as well.

Note - I won’t recommend relying on license files, as they can be interchanged across minor versions.

P.S - There are some config files that may have this; I will update my response once I find more.


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In addendum to Kasi´s reply:

Optimize log files can be found here:

  • optimize/analysis/log
  • optimize/dataCollector/log
  • profiles/InfraDC/logs


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One more place to find the versions is <–install-dir–>/install/history/history.txt

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Hi Sheik,

In UM, you can immediately find from the UMRealmService.log from folder <UM_Home>

Release Identifier =
Release Details = 10.5.0.x Fix None

Hope this helps

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