Where is the API's for Tamino?

I’ve searched everywhere i cannot find the API JavaDocs anyone know where they are?

In Tamino 4.2:

Tamino Server Documentation →
Tamino APIs →
Tamino API for Java →
Javadoc Reference Documentation

Are they not online somewhere?

Im guessing by “in Tamino 4.2” you mean load the software?

Sorry I meant for Tamino 4.2 not within the database.
They are online in your installation.
For Windows:

Start →
Programs →
Software AG Tamino XML Server 4.2.1 →
Documentation Overview

Note that the documentation typically ends up in a directory called Documentation under the install directory.

Ok ive downloaded XML Server (220MB) installed it with every option (including those needing the licence file) goto the documentation and get this:

"Documentation Set Not Available

This documentation set belongs to a product component that is not installed.

Please use the back button in your browser or go to the overview page of this documentation."

I can get the HTTP Client API for Java Javadocs but this is apparantly been taken over by the Java API according to one page i’ve read.

Hi there,

you can find all Product Documentation online on the ServLine24 website: http://servline24.softwareag.com/public/

You will need user ID to access the site, so if you need one please contact your sales representative.

I hope that helps,