I’m beginning a project which at present is planned to use Python and Tamino for some machine learning in computational linguistics.

My question is can Python actually access Tamino at present? ie. can I query Tamino from Python, or would I have to use the HTTP method I’ve heard a number of vague references to?


Apologies if this is answered in the documentation but that only seems to be included in a 110Mb download. I’d rather not do that more than once and until my sys admin makes his copy available to me I’m doc-less.

I think it’d be really nice if the docs were online, or at least a seperate download.

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Hi Jim,

Currently interface to Tamino is Http. There are two Java APIs: The Tamino API for Java and the Java Tamino Client which will soon be deprecated.

I think there are parhaps two choices for you: See whether Jython is suitable or simply make use of the facilities provided by the numerous Http related Python modules.

Incidentally the doucmentation is distributed as part of the Tamino CD.

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Hi Jim,
Your statement “I think it’d be really nice if the docs were online, or at least a seperate download.”

Software AG customers do in fact have access to all product documentation on-line via the site

If you are not a customer, this will not help, unless you rush out and quickly buy a Tamino XML Server, of course. :slight_smile:

Until you have purchased your own Tamino, you can simply go to and go through (almost) all the steps required to download a Starter Kit. However, at the point where you would normally download the 112MB of software, you will see further down on the screen that you have the option to download the PDF version of the Tamino documentation (it is a mere 30MB!).

So, there you go! Both of your wishes have been granted.

Dave G

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