Where is com.activesw.api.client class files located

I am creating a java service to get info from broker client queue. I found a few code samples but they are all not able to compile. Very first error is ‘import com.activesw.api.client.* cannot be resolved’

Please let me know where this file can be found.



please share some more details:

UM or Broker?
Which Version incl. Fixes?

The package you have mentioned should reside in wm-brokerclient.jar, which comes with the “Broker Java API” component.


Also navigate from the Service Development perspective to the Java perspective in Designer. Open up the Java project’s properties tab and then the Libraries tab and add the necessary jar files using the Add External Jars button.

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We are using

Broker Version:
Installed Fixes: BR_9.6_SP0_Portal_Fix1

I see the jar file in
also saved in …/common/lib/wm-brokerclient.jar

Also imported the jar file in designer as suggested but no changes.


please note that the classes are named “COM.activesw." and not "com.activesw.”.

Usullay these names are case sensitive.

See Broker_Java_Client_Programmers_Guide.pdf and Broker_Java_Client_API_Reference for Details.

Additionally please check for Broker Core (latest currently known: Fix7) and Java API Fixes (latest currently known: Fix4).


Thankyou Holger von Thomsen and Mahesh for the responses.

Changing com to uppercase and adding External Jars to the Designer libraries resolved the issue.