Where are dashboard Reporting Capabilities

Hi All,

I was curios if anyone has worked on Dashboard earlier and Optimize 7.1.1.
As Dashboard is reaching its end of cycle with no new version planned in future, has anyone tried if optimize gives the reporting capabilities which dashboard used to give.

In Dashboard, we could actaully retrieve data from BAM tables and show custom graphs/pie charts.

Is this possible in Optimize 7.1.1 or any other webMethods product suite?


hi guys,

With invain efforts to find anything in wm suite which would give this functionality, i tried to use BIRT plugin for eclipse and downloaded through Dsigner.

With BIRT I could achieve custom reports, only constraint is wm should not change thier DB design for optimize in futureā€¦

Let us know of anyone has achieved this with wm suite of products.


Even the Dashboard is somewhat tightly coupled with the DB objects.

It is strange that we do not have any clarity on the future of Dashboard capabilities in 7.1. Not sure whether Cognos is the way to go. Out of the box graphs in Optimize lacks customization to a greater extent.

Sumit, Can you pls let me know steps you followed for integrating BIRT with 71 ?