when ANSI x12 997 necessary/need and why ?


Can any one tell me why 997 is required and what is importance.

if there is ACK like 865 (Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement), 855(Purchase Order Acknowledgment)

Accepting of 997 is based on the need of business units in organization

Though we have ack transactions types like 843,855,865 etc some times business units need 997 for conformation of transaction happened between external business

Some business they don’t need 997 for such cases we can ignore it from processing

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Hi Sai,

Thanks for the comment.

Pls can you comment on this?

any how we are not sure about EDI document status(Success or failed or agree) with 997 then what it need of this document.

and how do i identify a particulate 997 is received for which document. (against 810,850 like)

This mean that there business don’t have 997 processing defined, So they don’t need it

But tell them we can identify 997 is related which transaction by caturing extact attributes(I don’t remember segments in 997 but look into it and find PO number, INvoice number etc) based on it they can update status on transaction in their backend system/any system to success/fail

You can correlate the Inbound 997 (A or R or E) as it contains GS type and control# of ( 850/810- whihc was sent outbound to TP) and viceversa and you can also setup FA reconciliation reports via IS/WmEDI home page…Please review EDI module documentation for more info on the FA match reconcile process.