What's New in Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | Playlist




In this playlist - get to know what’s new in Cumulocity IoT 10.16


Cumulocity IoT 10.16 - This video provides an overview of all the new and improved Cumulocity IoT capabilities and functionalities released with the 10.16 version.

Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | Device Management & Connectivity - This video provides an overview of the new Cumulocity IoT Device Connectivity and Management features included in the 10.16 version. These include the areas of device management (Data Grid enhancements) and LoRaWAN integration (support for Actility ThinkPark Enterprise and extended feature support for Loriot).

Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | Streaming Analytics - join Rob Jones as he provides us with an overview of some of the new streaming analytics capabilities in Cumulocity IoT 10.16, including modifications to the combiner and selector blocks in Analytics Builder.

Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | Application Enablement - An overview of the new features in Cumulocity IoT 10.16 Application Enablement. With the release, extension packages (plugins and blueprints) may now be used to dynamically extend Cumulocity IoT web apps. This allows for even more flexibility and customization by enabling the introduction of extra widgets or configuration settings for a particular protocol. The update also contains an open-source iOS mobile application for alarm management that supports push notifications, in addition to many other minor upgrades.

Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | Platform Services - The latest features and upgrades in Cumulocity IoT 10.16 Platform Services are described in this eLearning. This includes Authentication & Authorization, Timeseries, and messaging service enhancements and new features, as well as ongoing performance improvements.

Cumulocity IoT 10.16 | DataHub - Get an overview of the new features in Cumulocity IoT DataHub 10.16. This includes the choice of what time an offloading job is executed. Support for the new Cumulocity Time Series storage is the second feature.